At the first start of isi:Time, select “Register”.

Enter your name, your company and the tax identification number and address. By entering your email address and password you specify your login information and the address for the automatic reports. All major areas of the app are protected with a password, so that no employee has access.

Click the page menu (top left icon or from the left edge of the screen to the right underline) on EMPLOYEE and then on the icon at the top right (males with plus symbol).

Tap first and last name of the employee, as well as its personnel number and possibly his email address, and press “Save”. isi: Time automatically generate a PIN for each employee, it will be displayed to you and those you share it with me. It may If you enter an email address for the employee can be on the main screen by clicking on INFO send the current state of his working time account via email.

Every time they come and go, your employees press COME, PAUSE, GO or INFO then type in their PIN.

By clicking INFO, every employee can see the current status of his time account and receive reports.

To report working breaks, employees press PAUSE + enter their PIN once they leave, and COME + PIN once they start working again.

You can reach this screen at any time by selecting “Home” in the side menu or by simply pressing on the displayed time at the top right.

About the entry reports menu, you can display at any time current daily / weekly and monthly overviews and to receive a copy by mail.

Under Settings in the menu, you can also select whether you want to sent the reports daily, weekly or monthly automatically. You will also see here once again your stored data as well as the currently booked isi: Time Package.

Did you know? The first 30 days are completely free!     

You can use isi:Time with as many businesses as you like. Please keep in mind please isi:Time always logs the working hours for the business that is currently logged in. You can press the Power ON / OFF button in the bottom left corner of the menu at any time to change business locations and log in as a different business.

If you like to log times for a second (or more) business location, simply create a new location in the SETTINGS menu.

The fact that all important functions in isi:Time are password-protected ensures that you can run isi:Time on your employees smartphones. Simply install app and login again with your login information. So your employees can stamp on their own device (eg when working away from the office) and your data is still absolutely secure.