1. General

isi:Time used for simple recording working times using a tablet computer. The is:Time app and the isi:Time service offered by the company it-Werke GmbH. The isi:Time App is on the known reference locations for apps. The group of people, which the isi:Time app installed for time recording for employees is referred to as operating or companies. The time recording for employees, especially in the sectors represented by the minimum wage law (MiLoG) are obliged to records. The scope of isi:Time can go beyond common and include more features and information exchange.

2. Use of isi:Time

By downloading and using the isi:Time app you agree to these Terms and Conditions and agree to accept these. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, a use of any isi:Time-benefits not allowed. The use of services is reserved to persons of full age. If you have not yet reached the age required by law therefor, the use of services is not permitted. The use of isi:Time as a tool to work time recording can be subject to approval. Please inform their employees and coordinate with the works council. The adoption of this agreement is carried out electronically. From your agreement or use of the services of isi:Time results your acceptance of these conditions. You are telling us that the electronic reproduction of this Agreement, a written form corresponds and that equals your consent a valid signature.

3. isi:Time Time and Attendance

isi:Time records the working hours of employees in the form of an In / Out protocol. The employee must to select the appropriate button and confirm his identity by means of an allocated by the company PIN. The times will be provided per day, per week and per month. The employees are in the installation of isi:Time created by the administrator. The Administration of isi:Time is secured by a user / password combination. The administrator has access to all-time data and analysis. The employees each to their own data.

4. Data storage / data usage

The isi:Time app uses the collected data for the calculation of working hours. The identification of the person can be carried out with the name and address or just an employee number. The data is stored on the server side. The care for accuracy lies with the operation. Communication between the smartphone, isi: Time app and isi: Time server is recorded and stored. The application has access to the screen, the microphone, the speaker, the identification of the tablets and the GPS function. isi: Time may be for all with the operation of isi:Time use related work third time service. Time and the relevant service concluded an agreement for contract data processing: In this case, between isi. We maintain the existing level of confidentiality.

For the use of isi:Time may be required to deposit an email address. These data are collected and stored for the communication with you and for purposes of the respective program managers and their service providers. As a service can use this data the it-Werke GmbH, to alert you to actions of other providers. A transfer of data to another group of people is excluded without explicit consent on your part.

5. Liability and warranty of isi:Time

isi:Time is committed to a high quality level of the continuous provision of services. Despite all precautions, errors may occur. isi:Time does not guarantee uninterrupted availability. isi:Time service may at any time of isi:Time to stop. If the isi:Time service is not available, so detection of the times over manual recording is possible. isi:Time assumes no direct or indirect guarantee obligations for the isi:Time (I): are sufficient Time s performance and uninterrupted, timely or error free; or (II) with respect to the results of the use of our services; or (III) as to the reliability of the isi:Time obtained information. Warranty obligations, which can not be excluded, restricted or modified under the applicable law of this Agreement shall remain valid. Notices and information of isi:Time are received or the service shall create any warranty claims, unless this is explicitly mentioned. Under no circumstances arising from the agreement to the present Conditions of the right isi:Time for abuse or for incidental, direct, indirect or liable consequential damages including any punitive damages claims (this includes lost premiums, lost business, lost profits or loss of use). This also applies in the case of negligence or if isi:Time was aware of the possibility of occurrence of damage. isi: Time assumes no direct or indirect guarantee commitments for the services and products offered or obtained with our help. Any warranties with regard to merchantability, fitness product, and all other rights derivable from business customs claims and liability for using the services of isi:Time offered, sold or settled works remains as any guarantee for the operation. Some of the above-mentioned Restrictions may be for you not relevant because the legislator whose exclusion from liability limitations is prohibited. The validity of the remaining provisions is not affected. The invalidity of one or more portions of these Terms and Conditions, do not cause invalidity of the general terms and conditions. The responsibility for ownership and maintenance of computers, smartphones or other devices for isi:Time services is necessary, as well as the payment of these devices and all occurring during the use of services telecommunications fees, up to you. isi: Time is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from damage to the equipment, while the use of isi:Time arise. isi:Time does not affect the security of the Internet or the technical tools you for accessing the isi:Time Services.

6. Suspension; Amendment and termination

isi:Time reserves the right to terminate your access to the services of isi:Time anytime suspend, if a suspected breach of this Agreement consists. isi:Time reserves, with or without notice, at any time the right to change or discontinue this agreement, policies or services within its scope. Changes to the program or services that have a direct impact on you are predictable, announced with a notice on the website. Any use of the isi:Time services is permitted only in knowledge of the current conditions and directives. All agreements whose existence is necessary for its validity, remain valid even after the agreement expires.

7. Submission of Ideas at isi:Time

We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions to isi:Time and our services. Submitted by you ideas and recommendations (“Ideas”) are examined in detail by us. By submitting to us any submitted idea goes in our exclusive property and can over without further obligation or liability to be used in the case of publication by us. This includes unlimited use for commercial or other purposes and in all media with. For the Ideas encoder arises from the submission and any following use at any time with respect to isi:Time the right to any compensation.

8. Miscellaneous

In the present Terms and Conditions, the term “including” within the meaning of is “including but not limited to” are used. The term partner thinks third natural or legal persons with whom isi: Time a contractual relationship under the benefits of isi:Time has. A joint business operations is not meant. If parts of this agreement are explained by applicable law to be invalid or ineffective, the agreement as a whole remains in force. The invalid passage is subsequently replaced by a formulation that, under the applicable law, comes closest to the interests involved. If parts of this agreement by an authorized court found invalid, this does not cause the invalidity of the entire agreement. Unaffected parts remain in force. If no other appointments are made, only the present document regulates the use of the services of isi:Time and the relationship between isi:Time and you. It replaces all previous written and oral agreements with isi:Time taken.

9. Jurisdiction

All disputes arising in connection with this Agreement or performance of isi:Time German law applies. Jurisdiction is Lahr. The present scheme obtained on 01 March 2015 valid.

-> I agree to the present Terms and Conditions.

-> I agree with the use and storage of my data according to the present conditions by isi:Time.