You do not need expensive hardware, terminals etc.

Suffice any Android tablet or smartphone. You do not have any? No problem, available starting at 80 euros. You can of course also use your iPhone or iPad, or your Windows machine (Windows 8).

So you have no high investments for new hardware, and save from the first use. Because Handaufschriebe are only at first glance cheaper: Just think of the hours that you need each month to transfer the timesheets on the PC, or fax it to the accountant – usually worth isi: Time therefore since the first month.

No. But he can, if you wish, since isi:Time records working hours in the cloud. That comes in handy everywhere, where employees do not work in one central location, eg on construction sites, for contract cleaners, or companies with field service.

isi:Time usually runs centrally on a device in operation, which is available to all employees. When coming is stamped with the PIN and stamps out when walking.

You can isi:Time running but with only one login on any number of devices, the times are recorded in sync across devices. Just install the app on another device (such as an employee-Smartphone) and log in with your account – done.

No. Since isi:Time usually runs on a central unit, we have password protected all the important functions, ie only you can access it.

Your employees can only input and clock out and their personal working time account see (click on INFO + entering the PIN).

Yes of course. But you don’t need to, the law does not require it explicitly. Only start and end of working hours must be recorded. But of course, isi:Time can log working breaks and file them in the report.

You want to let the legal pauses automatically deduct? No problem. In the settings, you can now define whether breaks should be stamped manually, or to be automatically deducted.

For Sundays and holidays, as well as at night 22-6 clock surcharges are due in most industries. If you have previously recognized the working hours by hand, you know, what is that every month for a time, herauszurechnen these hours manually.

How convenient that isi: Time makes this already automatically. In reporting these times will in future automatically expelled. So you not only save time but also money and nerves.

You receive the reports regularly via email. They are available in Excel format, and remain editable. Because it can always happen that an employee has forgotten one day to stamp. This allows you to times when you must, submit necessary even retrospectively.

In upcoming versions, isi:Time will come with several security features that you might not know of other solutions. This enables us to perform a face recognition (in addition to the entry of the PIN) on request, to make sure that really the one just stamps, which he / she claims to be. We need access to the front camera of your device.

You don’t want to take pictures of your employees? No problem. Because isi:Time can do the same thing even via voice recognition. So next to the PIN we also check using a voice sample, just whether the person who stamped, which is also authorized to do so. Thus, the employee says, for example, his name, and isi: Time checks whether the voice matches the stored name. We need access to the microphone of your device.

And since isi:Time is intended to work on building sites (and generally: multiple locations), we have built the Automatic-GPS function. This tells isi:Time automatically where it is currently located, and automatically stored the current place of work with the recorded times – handy, right?

Your privacy is important to us, and we would never this without your permission to others or use it elsewhere. If you have questions regarding data protection, please send us an email, and we will give you information.

Admittedly, at first glance it seems that way. You have just a few employees and assess their working hours, for example, with printed Excel lists. But what do you do if was ever forget to write down the times? What do you do at the end of the month? The recorded times must be submitted to the accountant, in payroll, or (at a customs inspection) quickly and reliably sometime. For that you need to transfer the time every time by hand into the PC, or fax it to the tax advisor at least. The takes, depending on number of employees gladly times a few hours. Suppose it takes 2h, then that makes minimum wage already by € 17 – for comparison: isi: Time does all that automatically and is available from 9.95 € per month.

If the manual recording now still cheaper?

Unfortunately yes. After the minimum wage law must in the most affected sectors (hospitality, construction, meat and forestry, uW) are recorded for each employee start, end and duration of the working day. These records must be made by the end of the seventh day following the day of the performance calendar day and at least 2 years are kept at the latest. This means, for permanent employees, family members, etc., provided that their content does not exceed the limit of 2,958 euros. Only above this limit no time recording is required.

More info here: Click!

But do not worry: Whether mini-jobbers, permanent employee or family member – isi:Time captures all times quick and easy, conforming to the specifications of the legislator.

Yes this is not a problem. Under SETTINGS you can create different locations as well as different projects. Employees are then asked directly after stamping for which project they want to stamp. Thus, times may e.g. recorded by order number or customer project and later assigned exactly. In the automatic reports, the recorded times are already assigned to the selected project – fully automatically.